• Dual Motion Training for double the calorie burn and 44 Percent more muscle activation.
  • Off the Floor Ab Workout gives you proper form to get maximum calorie burn without injuring your neck or back.
  • 180 degree rotation track provides exceptionally smooth lateral motion and locks in place for vertical motion.
  • The incredibly strong and sturdy steel frame and track is built to last a lifetime.


Ab Glider is 2 Machines in 1

Why buy two different machines to get the results you want! The ab GLIDER™ combines lateral motion with vertical motion. Work your Abs and Obliques at the same time. Work out your abs with a front to back motion similar to a cruch while at the same time you can work out your obliques with a side to side motion.

Dual Motion Training is the fastest and most effective workout to tone and trim your midsection. You'll have rock hard abs and tight obliques in as little as 3 minutes a day. So what are you waiting for, ORDER TODAY!

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CrossMotion Ab Training
Target your abs and obliques! With the innovation of CrossMotion Ab Training™, you'll recruit up to 44% more muscle and burn 2X the calories per minute!*
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This was is probably the best Ab Work out I've tried. It definitely beats out doing sit ups over and over on the floor hurting your back. I highly recommend the Ab Glider.
Jonathan P.
I'm loving the sexy slim look that I got using the Ab Glider. It's the easiest workout I've ever done and the results are stunning!
Ashley L.
I was never able to get a full 6 pack with any other machine until I started using the Ab Glider and I love it!
Mike S.
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